Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My Horrible Start Continues

So much for wanting to get 750km on the trainer by April 1st. That's not gonna happen I'm afraid. On top of it being boring which makes it difficult to motivate myself to do, we had a house guest for the last 2 weeks who took over my basement where the bike is. I've also been extremely busy at work, and by the time I get home all I can think about is crashing on the couch. So it look like my first goal of 2010is a fail.

I did get my first road ride in this past weekend though. The weather was very nice so I decided to go for a short and easy paced 20k just to get the feel of the bike again... and avoid a heart attack from overdoing it first time out. I actually thought I had gotten off to an even earlier start than last year, until I discovered after I looked up my stats from '09 that my first ride of the season was February 28th. Other than the exact date, I remember that ride vividly. It was also 20k and I was so cold when I got home that it took me a good hour to thaw out. This year was much better in that regard. At least 3 degrees warmer and no bone shattering chill on my return.

Anyway, for now I've decided to set an early goal of at least matching my mileage from '09 in 2010, which was 2111km. Actually, I've rounded it up to an even 2200km for now. Hopefully, things work out better than my trainer program.